School-Based Traineeships

A great way to explore career options and gain workplace experience.

What is a school-based traineeship?

A school-based traineeship allows you to gain a qualification, whilst working in the sector as a paid employee, all while still attending school. You are required to complete a minimum of 7.5hours per week in paid work. You can work additional hours if agreed upon by all parties.

You will get a great head start on your career, by the time you finish high school you’ll have completed your traineeship, gained a qualification and may even be offered the opportunity to continue your employment once you leave school, depending on your employer. Your resume will look great with real-life work experience.

Benefits of undertaking a school-based traineeship.

  • Paid workplace training to obtain a mandatory Certificate III qualification.
  • Practical application of knowledge.
  • An inside perspective of the Early Education and Care sector to ensure this is the right career pathway for the student.
  • Access to a real-life working team environment.
  • Early Education and Care qualifications can also provide study pathways into other career choices.
  • A rewarding and fulfilling opportunity to work closely with children, families and the local community.

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